Halloween Costume Inspo

We are celebrating FOUR years of coordinating costumes over here!! Four years, I can’t believe it!!

In honor of this fun tradition, I am sharing them all in one place! If you are looking for ideas, keep scrolling down!

I did a little poll on Instagram, and this costume was a definite favorite!


Kyle and I had been dating for 3 months when we decided to put this costume together! This was the first time EVER I had done coordinating costumes with someone I was dating! It was such a big deal for me!! I would get on a daily basis how much I looked like Emma Stone. It became so much that I almosted started to expect it. When the Spider-Man movie came out, I knew I had to give it a try, I didn’t know I would find my perfect super hero to do it with me!!

My costume was really just pieces from my wardrobe. A white shirt, black vest, and black headband.

Kyle’s costume we got last minute off of Amazon. You got to love that Prime shipping!! We are thrifty college students, so you could definitely find better looking Spider-Man costumes at any party store, Walmart, Target, and Amazon.


Our next Halloween, I was 3 months pregnant and already sporting a tiny bump which pushed this costume really over the top! This costume when our neighbors all figured out we were pregnant!

I wore a red crop top, yellow pencil skirt and yellow tights. I put my hair in two buns to represent ears and filled in a circle on my nose with pencil eyeliner.

Kyle wore a tan hat, blue T-shirt and blue jeans with a sign the reads, “HUNNY.” Suuuuper simple!


Here we have Ollie’s first Halloween!! We were down in Arizona visiting family, when the idea for this costume came about. My mom and I were second hand shopping at Kid to Kid when we found this scarecrow costume. It was basically brand new and sooo cute. So of course we just had to get it.

I’m a big thrifter! But thrifting kids Halloween costumes in next level! Almost all of the ones we looked at were pretty much brand new and only a few bucks! JACKPOT!!

My costume and Kyle’s costume are both also thrift store success stories.

I wore a white dress, long white socks, red heels and a checked apron. All found at my local Savers (well except the socks because YUCK!) It definitely took more digging and I couple trips to find what we were looking for but like I said before, we are broke college kids so you do what you gotta do haha! The apron was actually a curtain that my neighbor helped me repurpose and my first successful sewing project!

Kyle is wearing a large brown sweater courtesy of our local Savers, brown pants, and a lion hat with connecting paws. Do you remember when those hats were so popular? Gooooood times!


This Halloween I wanted to take full advantage of my growing “basketball!” Kyle worked as a referee last year while we were still finishing our undergrad. With those two factors, this costume really did seem like a no brainer! The only thing left to put together was Oliver’s costume. That was no easy task! I really wanted him to be LeBron James, but there was no way I was going to fork over $20-30 for a jersey that he would wear one time. Sooo back to the thrift store I went! I looked high and low and finally, a week before our Halloween party, I found this Phoenix Suns jersey! I have no idea who the player is but it’s basketball, so it works right?? Lol! It was kind of serendipities that we found this particular jersey because my mom around the same time found matching basketball shorts! Bam! Costume finished!

My basketball is just an old T-shirt cut in half and drawn on with a sharpie.

Unfortunately, I honestly don’t have any idea where to find a ref outfit, but I assume Amazon has everything you could ever want.

I hope we can continue this Halloween tradition for many many more years to come! Look out next year for what we cook up!



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