Dough Co Review

Have you seen those videos on Facebook of the New York cookie dough scoop shop!? It looks INCREDIBLE & has us drooling for days! Our torment was over when we realized a similar scoop shop opened just 45 minutes away from our house! 

So we do what an sugar-a-holic would do. WE JUMPED IN THE CAR AND RACED ALL THE WAY THERE!! Obeying all the speed limits of course šŸ˜‰. Let me tell you…it did not disappoint. 

It is called Dough Co. It is located on this cute little city street in downtown Salt Lake City. Walking up they have a selfie board- for all your selfie needs and chances to get free stuff! Heyo! Then you walk in to this really hip scoop shop. We have to rave about the staff because they were SO NICE & really patient as we tasted alllllll the different cookie dough flavors. Their flavors are so unique & flavorful. 

We got the classic chocolate chip & the maple bacon snickerdoodle. To. Die. For. 

Our review is 10/10 would recommend. We will be back! Thanks dough co! What unique places have you found recently?? We’d love to know!! 


Kyle & Taylor 

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